The most important animals of the farm are of course our 7 horses: one Freiberger, two Haflingers, a lovely Camargue pony, a Norico cold blood, an Apaloosian and an Italian horse. 

Regardless of their breed, it is important that all horses are healthy and have a good character: they have to be willing to work and be extremely patient.

All horses have to be trained for their new job and we use the basic aspects of the Tellington method (TTEAM) which is particularly suited in our field.

The choice of having some ponies and some bigger horses is very important because our patients are aged between 3 and 60 years, weighing from 15 kg to 120 kg! Moreover the movement of a pony is definitely different from a big horse, so we can match the horse to its rider, achieving the best results.

Moreover at the moment there is one dog, a cat, two rabbits and whatever animal we find on our road. All these animals are part of the "Anche noi a cavallo" family and even if they mean a lot of work, they certainly repay for it with their company and friendship! 

How do we keep all these animals in good physical and mental shape??? Every single day we all do our best to give them everything they need, and regular veterinarian check-ups guarantee their good conditions.


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