The Lifelong Learning Programme Grundtvig offers the possibility to create partnerships with other European organisations working in the same field.

We were invited by TRAG - Greece, the coordinating organisation together with Krila from Croatia and Meslek from Turkey to work on the project "Taught me how to walk", good practice in therapeutical riding.

The main aim is to exchange knowledge and experience on hipotherapy and therapeutical riding between different cultures, improve our activities, experiment new methods and develop collaboration between the various organisations.

As there is no general approach or method for therapeutical riding, this project aims at creating good practices and experimenting various working methods. All the involved partners believe it is very important to learn from eachother, compare the different approaches and create a good pratice guide in the various languages.

All the partners agree on the holystic approach of therapeutical riding and on the great importance of horses in the lives of all people but in particular of those with physical, mental or emotional disorders. This is why we all believe it is very important that therapeutical riding is a real opportunity for everyone in the Euopean society.

 The project will end in 2014 after 4 meetings, one in each country. We will therefore have the opportunity to see how the other partners work, there premises and working methods. We will create a dinamic website where all information on the project can be found.

After the kick-off meeting in Athens in September 2012, the first meeting will be held in Porcia in March 2013.

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