"Anche Noi a Cavallo" is a non profit organization founded in 1987 by a group of people having a common dream: create riding facilities for disabled people.

In Italy therapeutical riding was not wellknown in the 1980's, so initially our main job was to promote this alternative therapy. In the meantime money was collected to start building the riding facilities and in June 1990 the construction was completed.

Initially, there were about 30 people attending "Anche Noi a Cavallo", but now we are offering equestrian activities to more than 80 people (attending once or twice a week) including children, teenagers and adults with various handicaps: motory, cognitive and mental disadvantages. Activity is organized either individually or in small groups.

Moreover we collaborate with various voluntary organizations and student organizations for student-exchange programmes. All different activities are taken care off by professionally qualified people (a psychiatrist, a sports doctor, a physiotherapist, a vaulting instructor, a social worker and some riding therapists).


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